Defective Bicycle Parts

When most people think of bicycle accident lawsuits, they will picture a cyclist getting hit by a car. While that happens far too often, there are more types of bicycle accidents that may lead to lawsuits. If a bicycle is shipped or sold to a customer with a defective part or component, and the cyclist is injured as a result, the cyclist may be entitled to compensation on a product liability claim.

In product liability cases in most jurisdictions, distributors and manufacturers of defective products may be held strictly liable – this means that a party is held responsible even without a showing of negligence. A plaintiff in product liability cases may be able to hold several parties liable for the defect, depending on their position in the supply chain.

Here are the most common varieties of bicycle product liability claims:

  • Design Defect – A bike component is poorly designed and injures a cyclist as a result.
  • Manufacturing Defect – There is a problem during the manufacture of a bike or bike component, leading to a dangerous condition.
  • Failure to Warn – A bicycle manufacturer or component manufacturer is aware of a risk in a bicycle or bike part, but fails to warn consumers of that risk.

The most common bicycle products liability case involves manufacturing and design defects. Bicycle parts are frequently recalled for problems that are discovered after the product hits the market. For example, Specialized Bicycle Components recently recalled 110,000 bike headlights because they can overheat, posing fire and burn hazards. Felt Cruiser recalled 200 bicycles in 2015 after the company discovered that the brakes could fail. In late 2015, thirteen manufacturers and distributors of bicycle brakes recalled 1.55 million bicycles equipped with front disc brakes and quick-release levers because of the potential for brake failure.

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