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Top Bike Accidents

Most Common Bike Accidents


Dooring accidents occur when the driver of a parked car opens the car door in the path of oncoming bike traffic, causing the cyclist to crash into the door. These accidents can be avoided by drivers keeping a proper lookout for oncoming traffic. It is also important for cyclists to keep a proper distance from parked cars.

Right Cross

Right cross accidents happen when a cyclist entering an intersection is side-swiped by a motorist coming from the right side.

Right Hook

Right hook accidents happen when a car and cyclist are traveling parallel in the same lane of traffic with the car to the left of the cyclist. The car then turns right and hits the cyclist. These accidents can be avoided by the motorist keeping a lookout for cyclists traveling on the side of the road or in a dedicated bike lane.

Left Cross

Left cross accidents happen when a motorist is turning left in an intersection and collides with a cyclist heading straight in the opposite direction. These accidents frequently occur when a motorist is looking ahead, but fails to see the cyclist coming from the other direction to the left or fails to judge the cyclist’s speed.


Just like in regular car accidents, cyclists can be rear ended too. This occurs when a motorist fails to keep a safe distance from a cyclist traveling in front of him.

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