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A Strong Record of Advocacy for Cyclists’ Rights

The Grenier Law Group has a long history of representing injured cyclists and the families of cyclists injured in crashes. One tragic example is the case of Judith Marie Flannery, a world-class triathlete killed while bicycling in upper Montgomery County when a car driven by an unlicensed 16-year-old swerved across a center line and hit her. Peter Grenier was able to overcome the complexities of Maryland law and reach a favorable settlement for Cary Bland, who was biking with Flannery and was severely injured in the same collision in which she was killed. This is just one example of many bike injury cases founding principal Peter Grenier has handled successfully.

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Part of the Cycling Community

Grenier Law Group attorney Peter Anderson is an avid cyclist himself and a member of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA). As a member of WABA, Peter participates in advocacy campaigns including Bike Friendly Ballston, a campaign to add dedicated bike lanes on Quincy Street in Arlington, Virginia. Peter frequently commutes by his road bike to work from Arlington on the Custis Trail and knows how dangerous it can be to navigate DC streets on a bike. Peter also was the moderator for a D.C. Bar panel discussion Examining D.C. Bike Laws: Who’s at Fault? during which participants spoke about bike laws in the District and legal considerations for bicyclists and the lawyers representing them after an accident.

To read more about Peter T. Anderson’s experience, read his biography at Grenier Law Group’s main website.

Know Your Rights

Because of contributory negligence and the morass of traffic laws in DC, Maryland, and Virginia, bike accident cases are deceptively difficult and require a skilled and experienced attorney in handling bike injury cases. The attorneys at the Grenier Law Group have a record of success in handling difficult cases and can guide you in your potential claim. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident in D.C., Maryland or Virginia, contact Peter T. Anderson at 202-768-9600 or panderson@grenierlawgroup.com.